Bulk Liquid Quantification

Plumley Pearson & White have provided an independent, high integrity service of ship / shore quantification for Crude Oils, Products and Base Oil shipments for Oil Majors in Brisbane for over fifty (50) years, and at the Lytton Refinery since its inception in the 1960’s.

We are Safety Accredited by the international ISNetworld RAVS System (Review and Verification Service) in Australia which audits our health, safety and environmental performance together with document compliance and current insurances to enable us to work within major hazard facilities in Brisbane.

Accuracy of measurement and the integrity of the data collection process are essential to the determination of any commodity – and in particular bulk oil shipments, and are fundamental to the commercial process and efficacy of any loss control system.

All measurements, procedures and calculations are performed conforming to industry-wide approved Energy Institute Procedures for Crude Oil / Product Cargo Inspections and A.P.I. / A.S.T.M. International Petroleum Measurement Standards and Practice.

Inspection process, procedure and reporting are specifically tailored to meet individual Refinery / Terminal requirements and are continually updated to keep pace with an ever-changing industry.