Our Services



We ensure our client’s needs and requirements are met via receipt of written or verbal instructions, agreed process control and known statutory requirements.


We believe our commitment as Marine Industry Professionals will provide your organisation sustainable confidence and satisfaction in the service we provide.


We will maintain a close contact with your staff, monitoring their needs and requirements closely throughout the whole inspection process.




Plumley Pearson and White has been Quality Assured since 1994.  We are audited annually by SAI Global to ISO 9001 Standard.


Our Scope of Certification covers the Quality Management System for the provision of third party services involving inspection of vessels and/or their cargoes, determination of quantities and investigative activities.


The technologies applied are fundamental to our professional qualifications and experiences.  They include visual inspection and the measurement of dimensions, temperature and density.


Our Quality Policy states that we are primarily concerned with providing to the Ship Owner, Shipper, Consignee and Protection and Indemnity Association, a comprehensive, unbiased service of high quality and integrity.


Our Quality Management System requires that all Survey Reports are separately checked by another Surveyor, prior to issue.





It is the policy of the Company to maintain a high standard of professionalism in all aspects of our engagements, particularly where it relates to Environmental Health and Safety issues.  EH&S Practice is expanded to include Code of Safe Working Practices and Marine Orders requirements, as applicable.


Environmental Health and Safety forms part of our Quality Management System and is subject to annual audit.


It is expressly acknowledged that in all Surveys “in the field”, we are present at our client’s or a third party workplace, be it a vessel or shore establishment.


When conducting surveys in the field, we will at all times wear the appropriate PPE, obey the OH&S, EH&S requirements, Code of Safe Working Practices and Marine Order requirements, as applicable.


We will obey any safety instruction given verbally or in writing by the client or third party and their staff.  Where our client or a third party requires, we will undertake Workplace Health & Safety Inductions and renewal for that particular workplace.


The requirements of the current Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 will be adhered to at all times in the Company’s office.  The Quality Manager should be the first point of contact for any enquiries regarding Workplace Health and Safety.


Surveys are conducted in compliance with the client’s or third party’s Workplace Health and Safety or Code of Safe Working Practice requirements.  In practice, this will often be achieved by conducting the Survey in conjunction with the client or third-party representative.


All Surveyors are familiar with the ISGOTT (International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals) and understand that safety requirements take precedence over all other considerations.