Captain James Standfield

Captain James R. Standfield

Citizenship: Australian / New Zealand


  • New Zealand Foreign Going Master’s Certificate of Competency issued September 1987 (Awarded Pamir Prize from New Zealand Government for highest marks Master Foreign Going in 1987)
  • Australian Master Class 1, STCW 95, 2002
  • Commonwealth Licensed Compass Adjuster
  • ISPS Port / Port Facility Security Officer
  • Registered Department of Agriculture Biosecurity Export Grain Ship Surveyor
  • Registered FIFA Import Fertiliser Ship Surveyor
  • International Cargo Gear Bureau Non-Exclusive Surveyor
  • China Corporation Register of Shipping Non-Exclusive Surveyor

Seagoing Experience:

  • Refrigerated, Container, Ro/Ro and Small General / Reefer Ships

Other Relevant Experience:

  • Conventional Stevedoring Supervisor; Ship Planner and Container Terminal Superintendent

Surveying Experience:

  • 23 years with this Company
  • Oil Major Quantity Surveyor
  • Considerable knowledge of Stevedoring Practice, Cargo Stowage and Securing, Containerised Cargoes and Carriage of Goods by Sea
  • Statutory and Occasional Surveys as requested by Korean Register and Class N.K. in Brisbane
  • Familiarisation of required Paperwork and Certification Regime – Korean Register, Class N.K. & China Register for requested Surveys through this office
  • Investigations for P & I Clubs including: Ship Incidents; Crew Casualties; Stevedoring Incidents and Injury; Damage to Wharves and Installations; Bulk Liquid Contamination and Losses
  • Investigations and Surveys for Hull and Machinery Underwriters, including Groundings
  • Australian Marine Orders Compliance Surveys for Ship Owners
  • Consultative Studies in the Handling and Transport of Dangerous Cargoes in Port areas
  • Technical Advisor and Contractor to The Port of Brisbane